need to find your Spark?

Happy Monday!

Today I'm so excited to bring you an interview with two amazing ladies who are up to big things!

I've know Deanna through the blog-world for a few years now and was THRILLED when I saw that she was pairing up with another dreamer to create an amazing retreat for creative entrepreneurs!

Not only are Deanna and Tania amazing, they're also bringing in Alexandra Franzen (ADORE!) and Jessika Hepburn (AMAZING!) in as workshop leaders. AND it's in Santa Fe. Swoon!

Anyhoozy, enough from's what Deanna and Tania had to say:

Me: What was your inspiration for creating the Spark Retreat?

Deanna: It’s inspired by the desire for building community. Making life-long connections with like-minded women.

Tania: It is absolutely about building community. Everyone longs for that feeling of acceptance and support from people who have gone through, or are going through, the same experiences. That desire to reach out and feel deeply connected to other creative entrepreneurs was the real inspiration.

Me: What do you think attendees will take away from the experience?

Deanna: We are creating an atmosphere that is a safe and positive place to grow as a creative individual and entrepreneur. It’s where life-long relationships and friendships will be born.

Tania: As a result of it being such a safe and positive space, attendees will have the freedom to push themselves beyond their current self-imposed limits. We’ll challenge ourselves in new ways, and come away feeling empowered, knowing how to get beyond any future creative roadblocks we face.

Me: What are you most excited about for the gathering?

Deanna: Honestly, I am just so excited to meet everyone! I know some in the digital world but have never met in the analog world. I’m going as a participant too, so I’m excited to dive into the incredible workshops that  Alex and Jessika are leading. I’m excited to dig deep and see what I find. And the hacienda…it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to be there, soaking it all in.

the hacienda at night...swoon! Tania: I, too, am really excited to meet everyone who is coming. I’m looking forward to building a community and support system of wonderful women. I also love the little (and big) epiphanies we all have in life, and I’m excited to watch the participants have their own enlightening moments over the weekend (and maybe have a few of my own!)

BREAKING NEWS: UPDATE! We have just had Dyana Valentine sign on to lead a workshop for her Woke Up Knowing ™.

Me: Why is this kind of work important to you?

Deanna: For a while I've wanted to teach. I've never taught, not formally anyway, but the desire to find my people and offer them a part of me has been strong. I had a need to share my knowledge and  ideas, my victories and struggles. I had been thinking about workshops and seminars and wanted to gather people together to teach and learn. I wasn’t sure what type of venue I was wanting or looking for. I really wanted it to be with the right people.

During this soul-searching period I got an email from Tania. She was reaching out inviting me to team up with her to create a retreat for creative women entrepreneurs that would be a safe and nurturing place to teach and learn with other like-minded women. At that moment, it felt like the Universe had aligned and was responding to me with this opportunity. I said "Yes!" within an hour.

It's so important to pay attention, be present, to be open to opportunities. Synchronicity and serendipity are real. But if you're not paying attention, you might miss it. I'm glad I was paying attention.

Tania: My lifelong search for deep connection is why this so important to me. Deep, real, authentic connections with others are what drive me personally and in my business - I want to connect and grow with others who are using this life journey to find and express their own unique voice. Like Deanna, I too feel like there is a teacher/guide inside of me wanting to burst out. I have a lot to share with others, but that’s only one side of a connection - I’m always excited to soak up what others are sharing and experiencing as well.

Me: Anything else you'd like to add?

Deanna: In addition to all the goodness of the retreat, we really want to give more. So we’ve created a scholarship fundraising campaign to raise the funds to bring one woman to the retreat for free. A donation for as little as $10 will help make this dream come true. You can donate here.

Thank you so so much for having us here and for helping to spread the love of what’s going to be an amazing event.

About Deanna and Tania:

In addition to being the co-founder of the Spark Retreat, Deanna is the owner of Apples and Orange. She infuses art into everyday life by replacing mass-produced products with unique handmade items and is available for graphic design work and custom screen printing.

Tania Wojciechowski is the owner of manusmade, where she makes modern goods for you and your home from natural materials. She is passionate about helping people connect with their creative super powers. Oh yes, and linen - she really, really loves linen.