new year's resolution: broken

Ah, I lasted about 17 days without buying myself a new journal. But, this one is so lovely and charming, I just couldn't resist.


Now this is a journal I can keep! The One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book features a page for every day of the year with space for you to write just a couple of lines every day for the next five years. It really is a brilliant concept. The book starts on January 1, so I figured I should get it while I could still remember the first half of the month!

BUT, I would like to add that I just started the decor8 e-class, Blogging your Way. In the first lesson, Holly encouraged all of us to get a new, pretty notebook to use for class notes, journaling, etc. Even with that (it was my homework!) I am using a half-used beat up notebook for the class. Filling it will get me one step closer to something shiny, new and pretty!