nibbles from a delicious weekend

Wowza, did I have a fun-filled, jam-packed weekend or what?!
After a quick, no tears recovery from the yellow paint debacle on Saturday morning, I headed into the city for the first of three sewing classes at Craft Haven. How much fun was it? So much fun, that's how much! I took the Uber Basics class even though I've done some sewing before and already have my own machine. My suspicions that I was doing almost everything wrong were confirmed by our awesome instructor, Kelly.

I've now been bit hard by the sewing bug, especially after learning the correct, much easier ways to do things. I'm even going to attempt to make some napkins tonight. Deets and photos of those coming soon!




Look! I made those!

We learned all of the basics of the machine and basic stitches, including the oh-so-beautiful French seam. This only served to reinforce to me that everything French is better; I so have to move there!

If you are in the Bay Area and are interested in sewing, I would highly recommend Craft Haven. They even have 5 stars on yelp, a rating which is highly deserved. I'm already signed up for two more classes. Just imagine how into sewing I'll be after I learn how to do awesome stuff like put in zippers and button holes!

After the sewing class, I headed over to my old-boss-at-the-old-day-job's place to hang out with her and her super cutie baby. Such fun! I didn't get any pics of the baby, but I did have a chance to snap a shot of the treats I brought over from Baked. Yu-u-um! A red devil cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a fruit tart. I gotta learn how to make fruit tarts ASAP.

Also, isn't Baked a funny name for a bakery? I mean, I get it, but it's a little bit stoner, right?


After some sweet treats and sweet baby time, I headed downtown to meet up with Tim. We had a par-tay to attend, but first stopped off at our favorite taqueria for dinner. They make chicken tacos there like I remember from North Carolina -- crispy shells, shredded chicken, tons of iceberg lettuce and gobs of sour cream. Can I get another yu-u-um?


Tim had menudo, the soup not the boy band (hehe). Do y'all know about menudo? It's made from tripe. Do y'all know about tripe? It's cow stomach. And, yeah, it tastes sort of what you'd expect cow stomach to taste like. This was the third time I've tried tripe (I even had a taste in France) and I can now definitely confirm that I. Do. Not. Like. Tripe. I think I'll stick with the chicken tacos, thankyouverymuch.

After our dinner, we headed over to the Fillmore where a friend of Tim's band was playing. It turned out that the event was actually a 40th birthday party for the band's singer. Super fun! Oh, and the band has the best name ever: More Cow Bell.

On Sunday morning, I had my first artist's date with myself as part of The Artist's Way workshop I'm doing. I decided that my artist wanted to go to a new French cafe in the 'hood, have a cafe au lait and read about making jam.


After my date with myself (wow, am I a catch or what?!), I met up with my friend Meredith for a loo-ong bike ride along the SF Bay. What a beautiful day for a ride. I was apparently so caught up in the beauty of the bay, I forgot to take pictures.

I did, however, remember to take a picture when Mere and I stopped to rehydrate ourselves:


Lucky for us, there was a brewery along our bike route....yeah, ok, I admit, I totally planned that one. But, really, after a couple hours of riding, beer tastes like the most amazing thing in the world.


Meredith is my soul-sista cause we have the same birthday. And we both have bangs. And blue eyes.

After suitably rehydrating ourselves, we hopped back on the bikes and headed over to the Berkeley Marina to meet up with some peeps for an evening sunset sai, just one of the many perks of having a bf who is a sailing instructor.

Look how fun sailing is:




(sailing shots by Mia Heiman)

It's funny how serious I look in this shot. Funny because I was intermittenly dancing with the steering wheel while driving the boat. But, HERE, I'm super serious sailing girl.

WOW, that was a fun weekend! Did y'all do anything awesome too?

PS. In case you're wondering, the hardwood floors are 98% okay after their run in with Sun Shower yellow. And we still haven't picked a color for the walls. But, no worries, I'm sure you'll be hearing about that soon.