oh anthro!

Oh, Anthro, come on!

I was just starting to feel like we had a healthy separation...you know, the kind where we both know the other is there if we need each other, but we're just taking a little time to focus on our own things. Right?

So, it's just kinda mean that you send me an email showing me this today:

I really don't know what to do with this stupid, adorable outfit. I could really take the bottom half -- the pants: cute; that belt: omg, cute; those shoes: shut up! cute. 

I can handle all of those. I can appreciate their cuteness while keeping my distance.

But, um, then you toss a capelet into the mix!?! And those freakin' gloves? For reals?

What am I supposed to do with that, huh?

You know how I love jackets that don't have full sleeves.


It just hurts a little, that's all I'm saying, because I thought we had an agreement.

You know I'll always love you.