on craving adventure.

Lately, I've been feeling a little bit tired and a little bit beat down by all the busy.

A little bit full - almost too full - like that feeling you get at the tail end of a really good meal when you've had a few too many bites.

I have a lot of obligations on my plate right now, most of them WONDERFUL, all of them my choice, some with an end-date and some without, and despite these obligations and all the fullness, I find myself craving adventure.

Open spaces, easy meals, lots of wine and laughter.

Y'all. I'm craving France.

In a really grande kind of way.

What this means, I don't know...perhaps a move abroad in the near-ish future? Perhaps a visit to start? Perhaps I don't even need to know exactly what is going to happen to know that I need to follow this whisper.

Bonjour whisper. It's nice to finally hear you.

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Image: oh darling let's be adventurers by fifi du vie