on finding The One.


On January 14, 2007, I made a list in my journal. I was tired of the shitty boyfriends, and the boring dates and the does-he-like-me of it all. I was tired of settling. I was tired of letting go of what I wanted.

So I made a list called My Ideal Partner wherein I wrote out all of the things that were important to me in my next relationship, all of the things that I was no longer willing to compromise on.

On May 31, 2007, I met Tim. My life was forever changed. I grew, stretched, was challenged beyond what I knew to be possible, and slowly grew into my best self yet.

On September 15, 2012 I married my list. We made promises to lift each other up, delight in our lives together, and always be each other's family in all of our adventures together. This is only the beginning.

My Ideal Partner, dated January 15, 2007 (completely unedited)

1.Someone who will treat me as if I am his favorite thing in the world.

2. Someone who will be curious about my passions and want to share those things with me.

3. Someone who will want to get me meaningful gifts for my birthday. 

4. Someone who will want to/be able to make plans with me and someone who is able to make plans and follow through with them for himself.

5. Someone who will respect my family and recognize that they are important to me.

6. Someone who will make an effort to get to know my friends.

7. Someone with the humor to surprise me every day and always make me laugh.

8. Someone who has a profound amount of trust in me and my ability to make good choices for myself.

9. Someone who is capable of taking care of himself - physically, financially, emotionally.

10. Someone who wants me to be at my personal best - physically, financially, emotionally.

11. Someone who values physical health.

12. Someone who is passionate about things in his own life and wants to share those with me.

13. Someone who will someday be a father to my children and whom I can trust to be my complete partner in all the decisions that we will make together.

14. Someone who is compassionate and patient.

15. Someone who will take care of me as much as I take care of him.

16. Someone who brings out the best in me.

17. Someone who makes me feel great about myself.

Photo by Tiffany Schoepp. More to come...