On getting organized...

I am home from a few days up in the Portland area visiting my VERY pregnant friend and soul sister, Nicole. Now that I'm home and without any trips/retreats/workshops planned in the forseeable future, it's time to get focused and organized on my creative journey to make being creative my full time job! Whoa -- that's right, my job. Won't that be the best job ever?

Step 1 (or really step 1,000, 'cause let's tell the truth: I've been on this journey for a looong time): Get my space organized.

My confession for today (hey! It's Friday!): I am only pretend-good at being organized. I'm the kind of person who works really really hard to get a room put together and then everything looks great...until it's time to actually start a project or do something useful in the space. Then it all falls apart, and I have to start over again. This is a seriously not-fun cycle.

My space is the office/spare bedroom/guest quarters/painting studio in our very small house. This is a space that needs to be easily cleaned and easily used. I know myself and if I have clutter, I won't be able to go, to do, to create. Isn't it interesting how physical clutter can really weigh us down mentally and emotionally?

So, here's my question to you, readers: What do you do with all that stuff that you keep around for "someday?" Specifically: magazines. I have so many back issues of Martha Stewart, beloved Domino and Blueprint, and ReadyMade. I really hate the idea of parting with them, but are they just clutter?

Do you have a method for organizing and storing magazines? Especially when space and storage is at a premium? Any creative ideas for dealing with all the paper?