Ep. 175: Reflections on a Year of Sobriety (Whoa. And yay!)

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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One year sober. Whoooa. In this bonus solo episode, I revisit my decision to quit drinking and reflect back on what I've learned through my own recovery journey over the past year. This episode is perfect for anyone who is pondering a change in their lives, whether it's around shifting your relationship with alcohol or not. 

You'll hear me talk about how my consideration of the words "sobriety" and "recovery" have changed throughout the years, how I'm feeling about my decision to quit drinking and how I've been able to stay committed to my decision. 

You'll also hear me share about why it's important to remember that there's no secret formula to success and that we all have to find our own way. This is key! 

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in this decision and who's reached out to let me know that telling my story has made a difference to you. I'm going to keep doing it. Won't you do the same? 

Show Notes: 

Tiffany's first podcast episode about quitting drinking

Tiffany's interview on the Unruffled Podcast with Tammi Salas and Sondra Primeaux about sobriety and creativity

Tiffany's interview with Andrea Owen for her Recovery Series

Tiffany's interview with Tammi Salas for her Ray of Light series

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