Ep. 179: How to Deal When You're Mid-Leap (Or Contemplating The Jump!)

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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Let's talk about the reality of making big shifts. Let's talk about what things really look like behind the scenes of change. Let's talk about the dark side of creative ambition and how it's so easy to let our drive take us to the brink of overwhelm...and how it's easy for that to become our normal. 

This week's solo episode tackles those ideas with a few things that I want you to keep in mind as you undertake creative endeavors. Because, yes, you want big things for yourself. But it's easy to forget that those big things usually require big energetic outputs. And it's also easy to forget what's at the heart of all the things we're working so hard to achieve. 

If you're mid-leap, this episode is for you. If you're contemplating a leap, this episode is for you. If you're tired of being tired and want to find more peace, ease, and flow, this episode is for you. 

Enjoy, enjoy, and remember: you're doing great. You're not alone. Keep going. 

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