Operation Big Bird: an update

Anyone wondering how the I'm-gonna-paint-my-kitchen-yellow thing is going?

Commence Operation Big Bird.

At this point, after waytoomany trips to Home Depot, we have narrowed our choices down to Sun Shower and June Day (those were the two original choices from the ballot), and Bicycle Yellow and Lemon Drops.

I put the samples up one at a time, but they weren't painted on thick enough and some of the original khaki color was showing through. Here's what it looked like with the thinner layers. Ignore the top part. I can't remember the order I painted those on, so even if one emerges victorious from that section, I won't know what  color it is.


This is what it looks like now, with a second layer of each color applied. The stripe on the bottom left is the same as the color on the far right. I'm convinced that the colors on the right and left are actually identical, so I painted that against it to find out.



Tim thinks that we should just paint the kitchen the same yellow as the paper we used for our ballot. Funny guy.

I'm really hoping to get this done in the next week or so, so that, after a trip to Phoenix next weekend, we can give a new puppy a forever home. Painting seems much easier sans puppy, oui?

Any thoughts? Votes? Let's call them A-B-C-D (hehe, Sesame Street theme) going left to right. I'm highly influenced by suggestion, so suggest away!