Operation! Creative Career Cheer!

Hey! Raise your hand if you don't like your job!

(Oh, hi, you, sitting there in front of your computer with your hand in the air. How's it going? Good? Well, only *a little* good, really, cause you're raising your hand in front of your computer at your waystupid job that you don't like. Right? Right. Read on, friend, cause I've got something good for you!)

Do you guys know how much I freaking love Michelle Ward?

If you've already heard me gush about her, feel free to skip this part...

Michelle and I met last January when my mom got me coaching sessions with her for Christmas (also, do you guys know how much I freaking love my mom?...hee hee...my mom), and she (back to Michelle now!) is an amazing coach and really helped me get so much clarity during our time together.

Through our coaching, we fell in love, started working together on the now-defunct Spring, and then just became internet besties. (Seriously, this story can be a big nuh-uh to those people who say you can't make true connections with people online!). *sigh* *love her*

Anyhoozy...still with me? Because I know how awesome Michelle is as a)a person and b)a coach, I was so excited to see that she released a new product for those of you who are looking to change careers:

Operation! Creative Career Cheer!

Michelle has created a career change workbook that's not only awesome, it's illustrated by the amazing Jess Swift (who designed my website headers and backgrounds and is also part of my Spring-inspired lovefest!) and it rhymes! RHYMES!

Seriously, it's like Dr. Seuss got a hold of What Color is Your Parachute and made it so kick-ass!

Wanna know more? Michelle let me interview her about the workbook -- look at us, we're silly!

Crafty Fanny + When I Grow Up Coach = True Love 4Eva from WhenIGrowUpCoach on Vimeo.


 Intrigued? Amazed? Wondering how we stay so cool? ;)

Check out the awesome vehicle of change here! Do it! I give my promises that you won't be disappointed!