our Paris adventures -- the beginning!

Tim and I arrived in Paris on Thursday. Wow! It feels so big city compared to the countryside of Provence and the Loire Valley.

Our first stop after sleeping in on Friday: the grocery store and laundry!


Outside the laundry

We sat outside the French Laundry (HA!) and read our guidebooks like a couple of good tourists. It was really nice to finally have some clean clothes after two weeks of traveling!

After laundry, we decided to wander around our neighborhood before heading out to the Pont des Artes for a picnic dinner and people watching.

Our apartment is just a couple of blocks from the Luxembourg Gardens -- they are so beautiful!


Some scenes from the street:

Maison de Poupee

SF Book Co

Our bridge picnic, starring a bottle of champagne to celebrate our first Parisian picnic:


After sunset, we decided to walk over to Notre Dame to check it out at night. The verdict: beautiful.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Night

It was an AWESOME first day in Paris! Our second day was great too -- a bike tour, walk in the rain and a home-cooked meal. Deets soon, I promise!