oy. the gut.

I've been grappling with a decision lately -- the kind of decision that affects other people and involves some inherent "shoulds."

Weighing consequences has been on my mind daily, and I keep coming back to my gut. My gut says, "yes, do it. Just go. Everything will be fine." (Coincidentally, it's the same thing my future self says too, and man, my future self is certainly the wisest person I know.)

But there's still this little piece of fear that comes in. It pops its head up and says, "Yeah, but what if. What if. What if. What if your gut is wrong?"

The last time fear stepped in, I sat with it for a few minutes, exploring. What if my gut was wrong.

And then I stopped, because another question came in, LOUD AND CLEAR, and like an inflating-balloon quickly overtook that first question:

What if my gut is RIGHT?

Oh. Right. *Giggles* Freedom. Light.

What if my gut is right? What if I actually start listening to my gut, letting it drive decisions? What if I give myself the opportunity to tune in and trust my inner compass?

What if I actually learn the lesson that choices and decisions made from a place of intuition can be amazing, awesome, and life-changing.

What could be possible then?

The answer: anything. And everything.

The truth is that these days I spend so much time in my head, trying to do the smart thing, the good "next" thing, take the right steps that I can't even hear my gut. It's been quieted by all the chatter in my head.

It's time to quiet that chatter, to find some space for my other voices. To step into my gut and intuition.

It's time to start trusting that I know what's truly best for myself.

And you know what? I also trust that YOU truly know what's best for yourself.  Really. No kidding, you know what's best for you. (Now, go do it!)