PDX love

I'm in Portland now. I'm staying for a couple of weeks with sweet Nicole. I'm so grateful to have her as a friend and to her family for allowing me to join them for an extended visit!

I am starting to feel rested, whole again after the last few whirlwind months of my life. I feel like I've been taking necessary steps to rejuvenate myself. It feels so good to have given myself permission to do so. Also, as a bonus, it's been amazing to actually sleep through the night again. Ah, rest, how I've missed you!

So, happy Monday, dear friends! I hope that this week you give yourself permission to rest, to take the time you need to re-energize.

And, now, for your viewing enjoyment, here are some lovely Portland etsy finds:


Print available at honeytree's etsy shop.


Ceramic wall hanging available at Portland artist namasteworks' etsy shop.


Goat wallet available at tinymeat's etsy shop (designed by Portland artist Ryan Berkeley).