pretty dresses for summer

I don't know about where you all are, but here in Northern California, the weather has taken a turn for the AMAZING! It has been so sunny, and warm, and just kind-of perfect for the past few days, and I have therefore become completely obsessed with dresses.

A few on my radar these days:


So pretty and flowy! I think it would be perfect for a friend's upcoming wedding in the wine country. Although, I'm not quite sure how well it would cover up my girls.


This pretty little dress really just screams summer to me. Can't you just see it paired with a sweet cardigan and some flats for a summer picnic at the park? And for $49.95, the price is definitely right! 


Um, I think y'all know me well enough at this point, but if not, can I just say: 1. yellow 2. polka dots 3. shirtdress. BAM.

Finally, this is my favorite. I seriously cannot get this dress out of my head, which is fine for now since it's out of stock:


Simply lovely. 

I will say this too about the dresses: I've been making more of an effort to wear dresses I already own on a more regular basis and it's been really, really fun. Do you have any pretty numbers in your closet that are ready to be worn now that summer's starting to emerge? Any thoughts on which of the above are your fav?