Productivity Playlist, aka How a college drinking game inspires my productivity.

When I was in college, we used to play this drinking game called Power Hour where you take a shot of beer each minute for an hour.

{Note: I don't recommend this game. It never ended well.}

One of the challenges about playing Power Hour (there were many) was keeping track of the time. Solution:  rather than having to watch the seconds tick by, we made a mix tape (yes. I said mix tape.) that included 1 minute snippets of 60 of our favorite songs. When the song changed, you drank your shot of beer. Easy peasy.

While this post isn't about bringing back the drinking game (see above re: never ending well), I recently realized that I could apply my oh-so-useful-and-fun Power Hour trick to productivity.

{Say what?!}

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of the Pomodoro Technique - as a way to remian productive, you break your work into 25-minute sections, taking a 5-minute break after each burst of work.

Rather than depend on my phone for keeping time (boring!), I created a playlist that includes 25-minutes of my favorite songs. I love LOVE working to music and find that keeps me motivated and inspired. Because I'm also someone who can listen to the same songs over and over without getting tired of them, this works for me.

Then I realized that I need to share the wealth - hence: productivity playlists. Each month, I'll create a playlist that is 25-ish minutes with the purpose of getting your brain working and unleashing your inner badass at the same time. Whenever you need to get down to business and focus, come back here, hit play, and get your shit done!

Amazing, huh? You're welcome.

April Productivity Playlist by Tiffany Han on Grooveshark

PS. My plan is to create a new playlist each month to keep things fresh - what are YOUR favorite songs to work to?

**graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching