Public Service Announcement

Men should not wear short shorts.

Seriously, they just shouldn't. Unless they're in Southern California and wearing roller skates, men should not wear short shorts.

Ladies, please feel free to pass this along to the men in your life, whether it's your father, partner, uncle, gay cousin, whomever.

I saw a gentleman today at the grocery store wearing shorts that were shorter than the average pair of boxers. Why? I don't know. UNNECESSARY! And, really, it's not even that warm here. But, not only was he wearing crazy-short shorts, he was wearing crazy-short shorts with 3 inch side slits, so as to expose even more leg. Huh?

He was creepy like those washed-out boy scout leaders who wear the super-short shorts with the tall socks and live with their mothers. Not the regulation uniform shorts -- the ones that were regulation uniform shorts in 1982. Those ones.  I'm not trying to be down on boy scout leaders or living with one's mother, but the combination is trouble. Trust me, I know one. He is creeptastic.

Next time (oh please don't let there be a next time) I'll try to get a photo.

Oh! I'm home from Portland. I'm cooking up about a million and one blog posts. Stay tuned for tons of fun!

Carry on!