quitting the internet aftermath: my plan

The truth is that quitting the internet wasn't easy. I slipped up a few times.

On Sunday, I even fell off the wagon completely for a couple of hours! Oops! It seems that google reader's "Mark all as read" is still my most favorite thing to click.

Anyhoozy, the biggest bonus of quitting the internet was the perspective I gained on how I use it. And the positives and negatives of it all.

My biggest learning: I need structure. I need a game plan for getting my stuff done in a timely manner while also being able to take care of myself. Because, ultimately, I don't want to work, right?

I've also realized that I need to use the structure to not only build in time for work, but to include other things that are important to me like: dance parties, walking Maggie, and eating lunch. That's right, I said dance parties. Why ELSE would you want to be an entrepreneur, if not for daily dance parties?

Here's my actual schedule for the week (clients' names and super personal deets have been blurred):

What I'm attempting to do is build in time for things like checking email and writing and eating and dancing. Nearly all of my coaching clients are out of town this week, so I've got a lot of holes in my normally appointment-heavy calendar. This is an opportunity for me to build balance. (Always an opportunity!)

My plan includes the following:

  • checking email only three times each day in scheduled blocks. I KNOW this is going to be a tough one, because I have a tendency to sit on email all day. My plan: set a timer and then get to work. Each email gets responded to or archived, but it is not allowed to sit in my inbox.
  • setting aside structured blocks of time to do my "chores," those work tasks that I avoid like the plague. Usually these things build up over time until they've become a mountain of procrastination and suck. If I can just sit down and work through them, slowly, I think they may become easier to tackle.
  • daily dance parties. This is A MUST. It's time to bring some fun into my workday!
  • daily creative time. Ideally, I'd like there to be more of this on a daily basis, but this is a start.
  • more writing time, which hopefully will translate into more blog posts...hooray for you! ;)

What do you think? What are your biggest roadblocks when it comes to staying focused in this information-heavy world? Together, we might be able to come up with a real solution!