quitting the internet, update 2

Bonjour mes amies!

My internet break (background & update 1) has been a little easier for the past few days. I was in Sedona (gorgeous! pics soon!) for a girls' reunion weekend for a few days, and we now have some awesome friends in town from New York.

So between the travels and getting back into the groove and getting caught up and hanging out with fun people, I just haven't had much time to be online.

Cause I've been out living my life.

It feels really good to say that. I think I should say it again: I haven't had much time to be online because I've been out living my life.

It seems like I'm starting to break my habit. Some things I've noticed include:

  • I miss facebook. Not as a distraction tool, but I miss being able to keep up with my friends and hear their news. I miss knowing that my bff finally got her ticket to go to Italy for 3 months. I miss knowing that Jess is in NYC visiting Michelle (great surprise, ladies!). I miss knowing those little things that people are up to.
  • I don't miss celebrity gossip. A left-over habit from my desk job days was to check the Daily Dish around 3pm every day to see what was new. I haven't done this in a couple of weeks, and I honestly couldn't care what I'm missing. I see enough tabloid covers at Target that I'm sure I'll be able to stay informed.
  • I'm starting to like twitter again and see how useful it can be. As a tool. I attended Erin Loechner's workshop at Teahouse last night (she's completely adorable btw) and her tip on social media was this, "Use it to connect or promote. Those are the only two reasons you should be on a social media site." It's interesting, isn't it, that she didn't say, "You should definitely go on twitter and facebook when you're bored or just aren't sure what to do next."

I understand that these might seem small, but they've actually helped me make a pretty dramatic shift in my work schedule and productivity. I've been blogging more, I've been writing more, and I've actually been able to get some stuff done.

Wanna check out my new services page? It's pretty!

I've also been working towards a plan of how to master the internet once my cleanse is over...stay tuned, that will be coming next week and will hopefully be super helpful to a lot of you out there!

Oh, and I also wanted to thank everyone for their support. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in my information overload and that we all feel overwhelmed every now and then.