random question: old cds?

Here's a random one for you: what do you do with old cds?

I've been on a pretty big decluttering kick lately where my philosophy is this: if I even wonder at all if I should keep something, it gets tossed. I'm sure this will bite my in the butt later when I'm needing some random sweater that I haven't worn in years, but so far it's working just fine.

I like having more open space in my drawers (ha! that sounds dirty!) and on my shelves. My goal is to have on completely empty drawer. Somewhere in the house. Just so I know it's there.

Last night, I came across some old cds and I just didn't know what to do. All of my music is saved on my computer and (really should be) backed up. So once you have it digitized and backed up, is there a reason to hang onto the actual discs? Besides that you might play them in your car at some point? I don't have one of those fancy pants ipod plug ins...

So what do y'all do? Keep or toss?