random reasons why France is awesome!

1. There are signs like this:


Wild boar crossing?!?!?!  John Locke would be in heaven, non?

Note: I'm completely out of the loop right now with LOST. I am planning on having a big LOST marathon when I get home. I've seen some headlines - it seems something big has gone down...that's all, now back to France!

2. There are these things at the entrances to most major freeways with a sign that (I think) says Driving with under-inflated tires = danger:


BTW, I have come to realize that my French is ATROCIOUS! I've been trying to own it nonetheless.

Another great thing about France is that their gas stations (and most major tourist attractions, I'm finding) have these great instant espresso/cappuccino machines with a little stand alone bar at which to drink said instant coffee. So civilized!

Tim and I are in Paris now and it's awesome! Many more pics coming soon!!