Renegade Craft Fair recap

Last weekend, I got my best renegade crew together and we headed over to Fort Mason for San Francisco's second annual Renegade Craft Fair.

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing collection of artists and crafters and creators. It was really wonderful having all of those people in one place. And as a novice crafter, it was so very inspiring to be around people who are actually living the dream.

My first stop was the booth for Seattle Show Posters, where I picked up this print for Tim.


I'm hoping to frame it and surprise him with it in the new kitchen. Once it's framed, I'll use a dry-erase marker to change out the message.


Then I picked up some cards from Dee & Lala. Their letterpress cards and prints were adorable. This was one of my favorites:


And here are some other good ones, in case you aren't completely smitten with giraffes like I currently am.


After Dee & Lala, I stopped by Beyond Wonderland's adorable booth and picked up a super cute Japanese-fabric headband.

At this point in the day, I was starting to watch my spending a little. It was just SO easy to get caught up in all the cuteness. Everything was great, and it felt really good supporting small-business artists. {Sigh} So I bought more stuff.

The booth for 16 Sparrows was really fun. I love that their motto is "where sarcasm is folded in half."


If you like sassy cards, I would definitely advise you to spend some time on their site.

Another vendor who had great irreverent cards was Old Tom Foolery. These guys really understand the power of an asterisk. For example:




My final, and possibly favorite purchase, was from Frank Chimero's booth. I've written about his work on this blog before, so it was fun that he was there.


Best. Reminder. Ever.

At this point in the day, we were all tired and thirsty and really needed to rest our feet, so we decided to head to Flour & Water for a little post-craft-fair yumminess. Our timing for checking the place out couldn't have been better, because a rave review was published in the paper the following day, thus making a walk-in table for 5 nearly impossible.


A few of the highlights:


Rabbit salad. So good!


Pizza with eggplant and olives. The green stuff in the photo is the eggplant.


Pizza with summer squash, ricotta, wild arugula and lemon zest. This one rocked my world. I really like pizza topped with fresh greens. And the hint of lemon zest was perfect!


Homemade pasta with fresh sweet corn. There was a little honey in the sauce that added the perfect amount of sweetness and complimented the corn wonderfully.

Dinner was ridiculously good, and the perfect end to a super fun day!