Repeat after me

I'll figure it out. Let's all say it together: "I'll figure it out."

Illuminated Mind had a post recently about changing your internal dialogue, about shifting your thoughts so that instead of answering every question with "I don't know" you answer with "I'll figure it out."

I’ve taken this advice to heart as I start down my new path, both internally
and with other people.  As I think about
my plans, it’s easy to stress myself out with everything I don’t know. But when
I think of everything that I get to figure out (oh! the freedom!), it’s
inspiring, energizing.

And when I talk to friends about my future, everyone has questions. The most
common one seems to be “What’s your plan?” I always used to answer, “I don’t
know.” This answer didn’t put anyone at ease, especially not me.

People like plans. I like plans. I like knowing what’s going to happen. What
I’ve learned is that what’s going to happen is that I’m going to figure it out.
And, that’s what I’ve slowly been doing – figuring it out. I hope to have at
least enough figured out winter’s end to be able to leave my desk job. I have
faith in myself to know that I can do this. I trust myself enough to know that
I will figure it out.  

Finding the trust in yourself if hard, but it’s so important to hold onto that.
It’s crucial to know, not think, but know, that you can do things for yourself.
That you can be happy. That you can have a job that brings you joy. I know I
write about this a lot – I think it’s so important to find that trust.

The first step in finding that trust is saying, “I’ll figure it out.”