New Year's resolutions are tricky things, aren't they? On one hand, I don't really like the idea. I think that by making them, you may just be setting yourself up for failure. I recently read that only 5% of people actually stick to the resolutions they make at New Year's. 

But, on the other hand, I think that there are a few times throughout the year that serve as really good milestones for taking stock of one's life and evaluating what needs changing. Birthdays are good ones, and the start of a new year is one of the best.

I had decided that I wasn't going to make any resolutions this year. My life right now seems to be one big resolution (I WILL change my life and be happy), so I didn't see the need to actually put pen to paper for the start of 2009. But then I got an email from my BFF Laura who let me know that she had two resolutions this year:

  1. Don't get sick. 

  2. Talk to her BFF Tiffany more.

My BFF Laura is pretty brilliant, huh?

I decided that I was going to copy her resolutions, but take it a little further for myself.

  1. Don't get sick. To me, this means, don't let yourself get run down. Don't do things that stress you out. Remove those bad things from your life, whether they're related to work, friendship, or other things. This fall, I think my job was making me sick. I was too stressed, not myself. So, after February, that job will be no more. And hopefully, my health will benefit from that!

  2. Talk to my BFF more often. This is a great reminder that I have some really amazing people in my life and I need to make an effort to connect with them. Active effort. I have to start putting some energy into the people who make me smile so much my face hurts. To those of you who I'm talking about -- thank you. For being you. You'll be hearing from me soon and often.

  3. One more -- still inspired by Laura. Do things that are good for me. I think that numbers 1 and 2 touch on this: I need to take care of myself better - mind, body, and spirit. I need to do some housecleaning, figure out what enriches me and what doesn't. And shift my energy to the good things.

How about you? Any resolutions you want to share? Feel free to borrow from Laura. She's nice and likes to share!

Photo credit: magnusfranklin