Retro Camping Fun

Camping at Lassen over the 4th of July long weekend was such a fun time! Thank you to everyone for making it an awesome trip!! I always find camping to be so relaxing because there's really nothing else to do than just be. Well, except for hiking, playing cards, making s'mores, cooking, and drinking copious amounts of wine. I guess it's relaxing because there's nothing else to get in the way of doing all of that. And this trip was no exception!

I falso orgot how much I love sitting around and playing cards with fun people. Amanda introduced us to a game called Dutch Blitz. Wow -- what a fun game! It's similar to Speed. On crack. With four people. There's definitely a religious, traditional undertone to the game (cards are played in a boy-girl-boy sequence -- no boy-on-boy or girl-on-girl action allowed) but that simply fueled the fire of our jokes! And, the cards are super cute! Bonus!

My friend (and trip organizer) Janet also brought along her Housewives Tarot deck.  Tarot cards are always fun and the high retro-kitsch factor of these cards made everything a little lighter. I received a couple of readings -- on regarding career and one regarding a move to a new place (city, state, apartment?) and was thrilled with what the cards had to say! My career-change outlook was overwhelmingly positive and eerily accurate to what I have been feeling for the last few months. And, the outcome of the situation showed great success. This has been very encouraging to me as I debate my decisions! Although the reading about my physical move was less cut-and-dry-yes-you-should-do-it, it still helped me think about things in a new light.  I think that tarot is more of a form of therapy than a way of predicting the future. While I do think that the energy that you put into the cards *might* have some effect on the outcome, I think that the bigger influence is how you interpret the cards for your given situation as you look at challenges, motivations, and possible outcomes.

However, I do see this deck in my near future...