reverb 10 #1: what's your word for the year?

So, um, you know how I'm always saying that I've got too much on my plate and I really need to stop signing up for new things?

Yeah, me too. 

Anyway, given that information and how it seems to be a constant theme of my life, I just signed up for something else.

(Full confession: maybe I'm crazy? A little bit?)

And, honestly, I do have a lot on my plate. But I love prompts like this, and y'all know I love a good project! So, I'll be spending the month (in between outfit posts, random BSG thoughts, pics of Maggie and other inspirational bits) responding to prompts as part of Gwen Bell's Reverb 10 initiative.

First prompt: Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

And while I know it might sound horribly cliche, the only word I can think of for 2010 is GROWTH.

Let's ponder my year, shall we?

I started off by asking for the sweet Michelle for Christmas. It's hard to believe that I've known her for less than a year as she's totally become one of my besties in this really short time. So, January -- started working with Michelle (who will make your head spin with her awesomeness, especially if you're considering a career change and are paralyzed by all the possibility), life coach extraordinaire. And she immediately started making my head spin.

We worked on looking at my values, my interests my strengths...enter February...and then I attended the Artful Journey retreat with my mama (hi, love!) and took a 3-day painting workshop taught by the amazing Mati Rose and Kelly Rae. And Hello, exploding head!! Can we talk about how before February, I'd actually made a painting? Oh, I'd been curious, I'd thought about it, I had all the stuff, but I'd never allowed myself to actually try, to actually do it.

Then onto March, still working with Michelle, still spinning from artful journey, still working towards this vision of my life, I did a fundraising challenge for a SF non-profit where I did a painting a week as a fundraiser. The girl who'd never painted before in her life committed to making a new painting a week, sharing them with everyone in her life, and putting them out to the world for sale. Seriously, when I read that over, I am sort of wowed by my chutzpah (I'm so Jewish!) but at the time, I was full steam ahead and didn't even think that it was scary/crazy/life-changing or anything like that. I was just doing what I needed to do.

Then April: I submitted an audition video to a little project called Spring. On a rainy day, with about an hour before I had to go to work, I decided to open iMovie for the first time ever, film an introduction video for myself (with no real thought to what I was going to say), figure out how to upload it to youtube and send it along. Cause I knew I was going to win. (And honestly, those girls would have been crazy not to have picked me, cuh-razy!). Oh, and I also did my first paid custom printing job for a friend. And declared myself an artist.

In May, I continued along my path of crazy dreaming. I taught my first workshop at Paper Source (on a project I'd never even done!), started up my co-hosting duties on Spring (I told you they'd pick me) and oh, right, did a huge launch of my etsy shop! That's all.

I started off June with a last-minute soul sister visit to NC to see brilliant Laura, came home just in time to celebrate 3 years with Tim, started up Kelly Rae's flying lessons and had my dear other soul sister, Nicole, come to town for a visit. It was also the month when I met back up with sweet Mati Rose (for breakfast at Tartine, nonetheless) and during our conversation, casually mentioned to her that I could be her assistant. You know, casual-like. Cause I'm so breezey, right?

July brought an amazing camping trip, a new bike, and a visit from soul sister #1 Laura. July was also the month when I sent Mati an email letting her know that 'remember that thing I said? That I'd be your assistant? Well, I meant it, for reals. Let's do it.' Can we talk about how I almost peed in my pants when she wrote back right away saying that she'd love that?

August: I invented my twilight cards and my "what would" cards. And started working with Mati Rose. And decided that I was going to build myself a website. Since I knew how to do that an all.

I then aligned myself with the design genius that is Jess Swift and worked on my site for the entire month of September. I remember nothing else. Except for my first sale failing.

October: oh you know, I just met the Avett Brothers (!!!), launched my new site, met Michelle & Jess & Carolyn in person, attended the fanciest wedding of my life, got to hear the Dalai Lama speak with bff Laura, developed a new crush on Richard Gere (so dreamy, he is!), applied to and didn't get into the SF holiday Renegade Craft Fair (sad at the time, but I realize for the best!), and, oh yeah, turned 31.

And November just wrapped up, so y'all know what I've been up to...mostly (ooh, it's like I've got a super secret project (or 2!) in the works that you don't know about yet. I'm so mysterious, aren't I?). But still more growth, more excitement, more stuff.

No wonder I'm kinda tired these days.

So, yeah, that's where I am now. And there's where I was in January. Full of dreams, but needing the action. I suppose I've found a little bit of the action piece, haven't I?

And what am I hoping my word for 2011 to be: development. I want to be able to take these things that I've started in 2010 and really develop them into something good, something true, something so me that it couldn't be done by anyone else.