Ep. 172: Revisiting Flow and What I Learned in 2017

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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Oh, yes. Let's talk about flow. More specifically, let's revisit my word for 2017 and see how I fared in my quest to find flow.

Here's what I know - since January 1, I have produced the following creative content for my business:

  • 275 email campaigns
  • 208 Instagram posts
  • 69 podcast episodes
  • 10 live webinars
  • 6 live speaking and teaching stints

And here's what else I know - there is no way I could have created that much content without having flow in my life. 

So what led me to my need for flow and how can you get started in finding yours? Have a listen, you'll hear about my I-almost-missed-seeing-Hamilton wake-up call and the four components that are critical to help you find your flow.

Maybe 2018 is your year to flow? Like whoa? (Yeeeeees.)

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31 Days to Flow

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Wanna find your flow? You've had the whispers telling you there has to be more to this thing called life. Hint: your values are at the core of everything. In this 31 day class, I'll teach you how to get grounded, find your values, and start getting into your flow. This will change everything. 

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Show Notes:

Registration for 31 Days to Flow is now open! The class starts January 1.