Roadmap: A guest post from Laura Simms

Today's guest post is from the ever-lovely Laura Simms. I have had the honor of getting to know Laura through the internets and got to work with her after winning 2 business coaching sessions from her! When I heard about her new product, Roadmap to Action, I knew that I had to learn more about it and asked her to share her inspiration here. Thanks Laura!

A curious business: personal growth through entrepreneurship

This has been unexpected, but I'll say it: running my creative business has been one of my greatest avenues for personal growth.

I mean, I'd already done a lot of growing. Making it as a working actor, learning how to make a marriage work, pushing my limits in grad school, and learning to love many of the jagged edges of myself--that took work. And dedication. And perhaps most of all: curiosity.

The kind of curiosity that will let you experiment because it knows there's a better way. Maybe we can also call this courage.

Several months into my business, I felt adrift. There were so many experts telling me I should focus on this or that. Some new task or strategy would pop up on my radar and panic! I would spend the rest of the day/week/month (ouch) working to fix this problem I didn't know I had the day before. If it sounds a little cray-cray, it was.

It was a least unproductive. Frustrating. didn't feel like me. I asked myself, "What would I in another situation? If this wasn't a business, how would I approach what I'm doing and feeling?"

My answer? I'd be curious. And I became curious about how I could do things my way. Experts aside, what was going to work for me?

What ensued was a grand experiment. Months of tinkering, of getting it not quite right, of getting closer, of hey! finding a flow.

By reconnecting to my own core--What am I building? How do I work best?  What activities yield the most returns?--I stopped drifting. In fact, I started moving. Forward! With more engagement on my blog, more clients, and (gasp) more money.

This was a turning point in my business, but it was also a personal victory. That curiosity? That courage? It had overcome the frustration and confusion. I had a framework that worked for me and my business.

I shared the principles I used with clients. Because you know what? Every creative I worked with, no matter what aspect of their business we were focusing on or how long they had been in business, needed help with the actually-getting-it-done part.

So I developed an e-guide called Roadmap to Action. It contains 62 action-packed pages, all tried and true stuff that I use in my own business or share with clients. The structure is there--you just have to put yourself into it.

And because I use things more when they're beautiful, I made it pretty. And included 13 right-brain friendly planners. Because planning should be pretty.

The invitation is open: learn more about Roadmap to Action so you can find your own way of working. And true to form, you pay what it's worth to you. Yep, this is all about you.


As a career coach for creatives, Laura Simms helps folks discover and cultivate the work meant just for them through career transition and small business coaching. She’s the creator of Roadmap to Action, and enjoys working with emerging and established creatives through one-on-one coaching. She vlogs weekly from her bird’s egg blue chair at