rollin' rollin' rollin'

Hi everyone! I'm back! Yes, I suppose you didn't recognize me with all of my newfound character that comes with making a difficult decision. But, you can rest assured, it's still me!

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. I'm sure you were all waiting at your computers with bated breath: "It's Monday. She said she was making a decision on Monday. But, why hasn't she told us what it is yet?!?!?" Things were just a little bit busy, but now I'm back (whoo hoo!), and I have some news:

I quit my job. BUT I'm not leaving for six months.

So, I did let them know I was leaving. But, in the meantime, I'm getting a promotion and have agreed to stay for six more months.

This was not my original plan. My original plan was to leave by the end of October, travel in November and December and then start my "somethingnew" at the first of the year. I had given myself a deadline: You will quit your job by November. I always make my deadlines. That's how I roll, something I'm proud of. I stick to my word.

"Hmmm...somethingnew...that sounds nice, what exactly were you thinking of doing, Tiffany?" Um, yeah. That's where the plans sort of hit their wall. And, that's why I'm taking this time to sort those things out.

{By the way, do you like that I have pretend conversations with you, dear blog readers? I thought so!}

And, in the beginning, I was hesitant to change my plans. Remember that whole stubborn thing? It was very present during all of this. But then I realized that I need to consider this an opportunity, not a road block. I've been given an opportunity to save some money for six months and then be in a really good position to figure out my plan. AND, everything is out in the open. Work knows what I'm doing. They support it (well, not my leaving, but my finding-my-true-path journey). And that feels good.

As I went through the decision-making process, I realized that I didn't miss my deadline. I actually did quit my job before November. I stayed true to that. I just am staying a bit longer than I originally thought. And that's okay.

So, do you see this ball? You see what it's doing?


That's right! It's rolling! And it may be rolling slowly now, but really, there's no stopping it. The process has begun. The journey has started.  And it feels good.

So, let me ask you, dear blog readers: are there any journeys you need to start? Any plans you've been thinking about making for alongtimenow that you keep not making? What steps can you take right now, today, to get that ball rolling? They don't have to be drastic, extreme measures. They can be as small as opening a savings account online and setting up an automatic $10/week transfer. Or signing up for a painting class at your local community college. Or actually going for a walk in your neighborhood tonight instead of watching tv (well - ok, so maybe you should wait until the Olympics are over before you start the evening walk ritual). But, whatever they are, act with intention. If there's a path you see for yourself that you aren't on, start making active decisions to get yourself onto that path. They don't have to be huge, but if you put your energies toward that path, things will start changing for you. Perhaps even before you know it's actually happening.

Photo credit: The Jamoker