Ep. 212: On Saying Yes, Inertia, Fear, and how to tell if the Inner Circle is right for you

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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Are you waiting to have the Next Great Idea to get moving on your creative dreams? Are you finding yourself trapped in the either/or when you really want to live in the shades of grey in between? Are you wondering if you're *really* ready to step into your RYHSY life? Then this episode is for you. 

I break down: 
+ how I let go of being held back by the fears of failure, success, and disruption
+ what saying yes really looks like
+ my own story of saying yes that led me to starting this podcast over four years ago (!!) - seriously, it all started with my saying a single sentence out loud 
+ a different story of a time when I didn't say yes and someone else made my idea real
+ why inertia is the biggest enemy around to your creative work (and how the Inner Circle will help you move beyond that!) 

...and so much more! Also, if you're wondering if the Inner Circle is right for you (applications close Friday), have a listen - this should help you know! 

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