Ep. 180: Tiff + Erin on Changing Your Mind and Shaking Things Up

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What happens when something that looks so good on paper stops working? And what do you do when that something involves someone you love?

This week, I'm talking with my biz-wife-for-life Erin Cassidy about how we're making moves away from the work that we spent most of 2017 building up and (more importantly!) why we're making that shift. 

The big learnings: 

  • You can love something and still let it go.

  • Your intuition often knows the truth before you're ready to say it out loud.

  • Your creative work is constantly evolving. Get out of your own way and let it.

Listen in to hear all about the changes we're making, what it's like to let go of things you worked super hard to build, and how we have all the nervous excitement for what's next!

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