friday's confession: I'm shifting my paradigm

friday's confession: I'm shifting my paradigm

For the longest time, I've felt a pull. I've felt the need to simplify my business and how I talk about what I do. Am I a life coach or a business coach?

And for a long time, I've known the answer (business coach) but I haven't been fully ready to step into that title and take ownership of it. Because I've loved my life coaching clients so much, I haven't been ready to let go of the possibility to work with more people just like them.

Concurrently, I was never 100% sure about the glitterbomb title. I ran an in-person crafting workshop back in my Teahouse days called Glitterbomb and realized post-cleanup (ugh! Cleaning glitter is the worst y'all) that I could work with virtual glitter. And my Glitterbomb my Life and Glitterbomb my Biz group coaching was born.

But it never felt quite right. I loved the work that I was doing with the participants, but there was something too flippant about glitter. Too on-the-surface-sparkly without the depth that I knew people needed. Yet, I couldn't come up with anything better, so the glitter stayed. The Life and Business Coach title stayed. And I thought and pondered and what if'd. 

...and then I had twins. And cut down to (attempting to) only work 3 days a week. And committed to doing everything I could to go all in on my business and get 100 Rejection Letters in a year (in case anyone is counting, I currently have 4).

I no longer had the luxury to do it all. I no longer had the time to be the everything coach to highly-creative women. I couldn't ponder and think and what if anymore - there was no time for that.

I had to make a shift. It was time. I was ready. 

And while this shift feels big to me, I think I'm moving exactly where I need to be. And it's not necessarily a move at all, but more of a simplifying and deepening move - a move saying this is where shine (which is ironically exactly what I've been helping my clients do!).

I want to shift my focus to the things that I know I’m good at and the things that make me feel most alive.

Things like:

  • helping creative women start a business
  • moving someone into clear action
  • facilitating brand definition before you hire the designer to make your logo or fancy website
  • streamlining your business and redefining your offerings to make the business you have into the business you love. 

At the end of the day, I'm still helping highly-creative women shine. But I'm talking about things differently and zooming in on the work that I am best at.

And I'm ready to see where this goes.

The logistics:

For some of you, not much will change. I'm still going to be blogging about the same things, and my podcast will continue well into 2015 (and beyond, I hope!).

I am currently re-tooling my offerings and working on a very exciting program for Spring 2015 with a couple of collaborators. I'm hoping to get the new offerings posted by the end of the year (stay tuned if you're looking for someone to get Bossypants on you or you need help with brand clarity and definition - I'm about to be your girl!).

Meanwhile, if you're interested in working with me 1-on-1 long term, I have 1 Shine Sessions spot left starting in January. After that, the only way to work with me that intensely will be through 100 Rejection Letters (with registration opening September 2015).

And what this all means to you: 

While the circumstances of our lives might appear to be very different, deep down, we are all the same. We all have the same fears and doubts. We all have nudges from the Universe that we ignore or put off or overthink. 

I'm sharing my process here with you in hope that you might take this as your sign that it's time to make a change you've been thinking about for too long.

It's time to take that whisper and own it, to declare yourself as something, to take a stand, to give the mightiest of shits.

What if 2015 was the year that you finally took action? That you moved from thinking about into doing? That you lived the life you wanted for yourself instead of watching other people live theirs?

Because you're ready. And we're waiting. And we're all in this together.

**photo and graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching

2015 Sparkle & Shine wall calendar from Tiffany Han