since you've been gone

Well, I suppose the title of this post should actually be "Since I've Been Gone," but since Kelly Clarkson didn't write a song with that title, we'll keep it as is!

Yes, I have taken quite a long blogging break, but I've been busy yo! Lots and lots has been happening. For example:

  • I got a job! Boy, going to work is tough when you're out of habit. It's difficult to stay on top of my game at home now that I have this place to go to. But, don't you worry, it's only part time.
  • Our friend Snake came to visit for two weeks!
  • I saw the Avett Brothers at the OutsideLands Music Festival! Blew my mind, those guys!

Fanny_avett bros


  • I went to South Carolina on a family trip and to visit my bestie, Laura!
  • I did a 150-mile bike ride!! That's right. 150. And, yes, it was as difficult as you might imagine. But we did it, and we smiled the whole time. Woot!


That's me and lovely Meredith at one of our many rest stops. I thought the background was appropriate for the weekend!

  • Tim's bestie Joan and her husband Chris came out from Rochester for a visit. I learned to love a good gin martini.
  • Then I went to San Diego with my girls from college. Super fun times!


That's us at the Hotel Coronado. Where we had a drink.

  • Did I mention that while all this other stuff was going on, I had a job? THEN I started working a second job. But just for two weeks. 
  • Oh yeah, and then I turned 30. What, what!?!?! 30, you ask? Oh yeah! And I'm sure you're wondering how that was celebrated? With a superhero-themed birthday/Halloween party, of course! But I think that's best saved for another post.
Missed you guys! MWAH!