Something's coming...

Change is in the air. I can feel it. And I like it.

I've been feeling antsy lately. Like I'm ready for a change. A big one. But, I can't quite tell what that change is. But, oh, it's coming. And whenever I start thinking about it, the song, "Something's Coming" from  West Side Story  pops into my head.

Something’s comin’, I don’t know what it is

But it is

Gonna be great!

I love the potential in those lyrics. And, they sum up exactly what I'm feeling right now.

This morning, I opened up my daily horoscope (the best source for horoscopes ever) and was shocked to see the following for my day:

For July 1: You seriously reassess your
goals for the future, starting today. You can thank the warrior god
Mars for stepping in and forcing you to realign your priorities... Between today
and mid August, you'll have plenty of quality time to consider if
you're in the right job, location, relationship and lifestyle. What was
perfect a decade ago may no longer be viable. Be open to change...

Holy crap! Most accurate horoscope ever, I think!