still in countdown mode

Hello again!

Thank you all for the good thoughts! I think they're working and helping me stay sane. I actually slept the entire night last night -- this is quite a feat for my insomniac self! And, upon waking, I was at peace with all the chaos in my life, for I knew that I am moving in the right direction, moving toward something, something great. Something that I can't quite put my finger on just yet.

My event this evening was lovely. It was a nice way to say goodbye to so many of the wonderful people that I've gotten to work with for the past few years.

So, just two more days...look out!

Oh! And one other thing that I'm going to be telling you all about soon: how I'm doing a fundraiser for At The Crossroads, a homeless teen outreach program here in San Francisco. For a sneak preview, you can check out my campaign here. More details later, I promise!

PS. You can see that, as of right now, no one has contributed to my campaign. That makes me a little sad, but is probably because I haven't yet told anyone about it. Feel free to change all of that.