stopped in my tracks

True story:

The store where I work happens to be located right next door to an Anthropologie (danger! danger!). My usual M.O. is to not even go in. Not to look. Or just check things out. Not ever. I'm just not strong enough.

But, one day UPS mistakenly delivered a package meant for Anthro to our store. Where it got put in our backroom, soon to be buried under piles of paper and/or forgotten. So I did the right thing (cause I'm nice like that) and offered to take the package over. You know, just pop in quickly to drop off a box. In and out. Easy peasy.

Until I saw this:


Y'all, I was like one of those cartoon characters who sees a pretty girl and gets all starry-eyed. That was me in Anthropologie. Good thing I was on the clock or I could have looked at the pretty forever. It seems unfair to have something this lovely so close to where I spend quite a bit of my time.

Another example of Anthro's utter unfairness to my life would be this sweet number. Don't you think the girlfriend of a sailor needs this bag:


Yeah, me too.