Sustainable Happiness...or Why I'm changing my blog name BACK to Live Happy

Last night I attended a workshop on Sustainable Happiness at OCSC led by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks (authors of How We Choose to Be Happy)
and Catherine O'Brien, a professor who teaches about Sustainable Happiness.

And wow, all I can say is wow! I came home feeling so motivated and so inspired -- and while listening to these people talk about happiness, while being in this room full of people who had all decided to spend their Sunday evening learning about happiness, I remembered: that's what I'm all about.

I'm all about The Happy!

So, I'm taking this inspiration and bringing the blog back to the beginning: to Live Happy!

A few months ago, I took Holly Becker's Blogging your Way e-course. There was part of the course where we had to break up into teams and do blog critiques (a fantastic exercise, btw) and there was one theme throughout all of the critiques I received: why isn't your blog called Live Happy? It seems like it's much more about that than you being crafty.

I think they were right! So, that's where I am: back to the old (but new!) banner, and really nothing else is going to change.

Stay tuned for some really fun stuff this week, including 3 new paintings and a pretty new dress!!! Happy Monday y'all!