Ep. 102: Suzi Barrett on Trust and Doing the Work

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This week on Raise Your Hand Say Yes, I had the great fortune to get to sit down with writer Suzi Barrett, and our conversation is chock full of inspiration. 

Suzi is the comic genius behind Knock Knock's Affirmators cards and the I Hate California series on funny or die, has appeared on “Drunk History,” “@Midnight,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and plays Kirby’s mom on on Disney XD’s show “Kirby Buckets.” 

This episode is perfect for anyone who struggles with self-promotion (hint: just keep creating), has ever wondered what it takes to make something go viral (hint: just keep creating), has a hard time trusting their own voice (hint: just keep creating), or gets caught up in fear (hint: kick it in the nuts and just keep creating).

You'll also hear all about Suzi's philosophy of just be grass and how it's inspired this: “When I don’t feel like writing or when I don’t know if an idea is great, I write it anyway, because I’m trying to be grass.”

Suzi, this episode is one of my favorites! Thank you for being honest, hilarious, and the-best-kind-of-hippy-dippy. 

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