Ep. 227: Tammi Salas on Taking a Social Media Break

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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What happens when you take a month off of social media? How do you structure it and what results does it lead to? And also: how do you shift those habits that you know you aren't working for you?

This week, I'm kicking off Season 6 (!!) with my social-media-sabbatical partner-in-crime Tammi Salas of the Unruffled Podcast. 

You'll hear us talk about why we decided to take a break from social media, how it has everything to do with our sobriety from alcohol and the things that were both great and hard about the month. 

If you suspect that you have habits that aren't serving you (even if they have nothing to do with social media!) or you're constantly finding yourself wishing for more time or more balance or more connection, this episode is for you.