Tammie Bennett on Habits

I was so excited to talk with artist, illustrator and surface designer, Tammie Bennett, this week for Raise Your Hand Say Yes. In this episode, we talked about the power of daily habits and what they can do for your creative endeavors - a perfect topic as we look towards the new year for inspiration! Tammie has a super inspiring story about how back in 2012, she decided that she wanted to be an artist and made a commitment to doing a drawing every day. And then, man, everything changed.

We also talked about the logistics of committing to something like this - how she found (and continues to find!) the time, what she does when she doesn't feel like doing it, and how she tracks her progress. I suspect you'll walk away from this episode feeling super inspired to create something of your own!! (Hint: Yes. Do it.) And if you do, don't forget to tell me and Tammie what you're committing to on Twitter!

Listen now: