the "be brave" fallacy

What if it's not about being brave?

We spend so much time hearing the same message: be brave, go out there and fight for what you want. Fight.

I'm guilty of it too - I say it all the time. Be brave, get fierce.

But what if being brave isn't the key? What if bravery actually has nothing at all to do with accomplishing your dreams?

What if the key is to be gracious, open, and accepting? What if the answer is in knowing - from a deep, core place - that the world wants your gifts to come out?

People are hungry for what you have to offer. Especially when it comes from your deeply authentic capital-t Truth.

Your voice - when you are speaking up for something that you believe in completely unapologetically - is the most beautiful voice anyone has ever heard.

Your images - when they are created from a place of absolute release, when inspiration is simply flowing through you - are images that people cannot take their eyes off. They cannot be ignored.

Your words - when you are writing despite shaking hands, when you fear the passion that drives your thoughts, and when the thought of not putting them into the world is even scarier than releasing them - these words have deep intense power to them.

Your voice, your images, your words: whatever your medium is - this is what the world needs. More of You.

More heart, more passion, more holy-shit this is it.

And yes, there has to be courage. Courage to look beyond the now, to know that some people will disagree, to trust that what is right for you is absolutely not the same truth as others. But this is different from the courage that drives one into battle. This is the courage that brings you to a place of absolute joy.