the best of 2012: a top 10.

Hello, my friends! I hope that you've all had restful, enjoyable holidays. I'm looking forward to getting *a bit more* rest before the new year. I'm SO looking forward to jumping head-first into 2013.

I'll be back on Monday to unveil my word for 2013 and offer up a special give-away, but for today, I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane as we revisit the blog highlights of 2012:

100 Rejection Letters!

why sharing is bullshit and you should stop being nice.

21 things you don't know about me.

What I wish I knew about rejection.

I've been wanting to tell you...

Say HELLO to the Big Questions.

the "be brave" fallacy.

on finding The One.

what you don't know.

the thing about crickets.

Thank you all for being here to come along on my journey this year - here's to even more in 2013...