the fine art of being uncool.

On Friday nights, Tim races sailboats. I stay home and watch {Pretty Little Lairs/Downton Abbey/Revenge} marathons on Netflix.

I could go out. {Sometimes I do.} I could be sure that I had plans, reach out to those I knew trying to set something up. Figure out what the cool kids are doing and see if I can tag along.

But most of the time, I’m the happiest lying on the couch watching hours of drama-filled tv. {I like the drama in my life to stay on the screen thankyouverymuch.}

When I was younger, it would be my weekly goal to fill up my weekend. I took pride in the number of squares that were filled in on my calendar. If I had a solo night alone, I felt…somehow less than. Like I wasn’t enough.

Like I wasn’t cool.

I think the desire to be cool stems from high school (perhaps before?) and we’ve all brought it into our grown up lives.

And I say no more of that.

From here on out, I commit to getting really excited and crush-y about meeting my heroes. I commit to not trying to quiet my (let’s admit it y’all) too-loud voice.

I commit to being 100% uncool for the sake of being 100% me. (You with me? Tweet it.)

I commit to not holding myself back for the sake of being judged by somebody else’s pretend standards of what’s most important.

I commit to letting my {freak/dork/nerd/possiblyintroverted} flag fly for the sake of my own happy.

And I commit to owning it and having more fun! More fun! More joy! More goodness, less worry. More me. Out in this world. {Heaven help us.}

Wanna be uncool with me? What can you do to be put more Y-O-U out in this world? (Trust this: the world wants more you. Much, much more.)

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**photo & graphic by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching