the Pont du Gard OR is bird poop good luck?

A couple of days ago, Tim and I decided to make a visit to one of Provence's biggest sites, the Pont du Gard. This bridge is part of an ancient Roman aqueduct and is the second highest Roman-built structure, measuring in at only 6 feet less than the Colosseum.

We stopped by the local grocery store on our way out of town (btw, the grocery stores here are AWESOME!) to pick up some food for our picnic lunch. Picnics are quickly becoming one of our favorite things about this trip. The naps are becoming our second favorite part -- more on that below!

After our grocery stop and making our way back through the tiny streets of Arles to pick up the guide book that we had forgotten in our room, we headed out to the Pont du Gard. We started our visit at the museum (which was free that day, yay!) and learned all about the aqueduct and the methods used to build it.