The Power of Niche: a guest post from Genevieve Brazelton

Do y'all know Genevieve and Shelly from Lightbox SF? I love what these ladies are up to, and when I heard about their new offering Ink Yourself, I asked Genevieve to share a guest post...enjoy!

We’ve built our coaching business on the premise that a small, independent business can’t and shouldn’t appeal to the masses. Too much effort and not enough pay off. Instead you need focus your marketing efforts on a small segment of potential customers that are clearly defined, a niche market.

The general market place is crowded; there are numerous choices for anything you choose to spend your money on. So to stand out in this overly crowded marketplace you need to be different and/or quirky, you need to connect and engage with your audience, you need to be memorable.

Why Different Matters

A business survives and flourishes by finding the people who get what you do and why you do it. When you speak directly to your customer’s problems and needs they hear you loud and clear. When you give them exactly what they’re looking for and solve their specific pain, they support you in any way possible.

You don’t water down your message by appealing to as many people as possible. Instead you embrace that your ideal customer is a cutting edge fashionista, always looking to stand out, addicted to vintage, and with very little disposable income (that means every piece counts, not that she’s cheap).

When you know who your true fan is then you can confidently talk about the little details knowing they’ll “get it” and really care. You can geek out over the history of a piece of fabric you’re using, you can list the designers that inspire you without needing to explain who they are, and you’ll make sure to tell her how versatile the piece is because you know that’s her first concern.

If you can make your customers feel like you’re talking directly to them, like you made each piece with them in mind (in a way you did), they’ll not only keep coming back they’ll tell others like them exactly why you’re the greatest at what you do.

How To Find Your Niche

This is where the hard work comes in and where we spend a lot time working with clients. Our strategy is to help clients take a long hard look who they are, what’s important to them, and what their strengths are. Then we look at what type of consumer these details will be important to. We define an ideal customer based on the unique details of the product or service and you as a business person.

Here are just a few of the questions we get them to answer in as much detail as possible:

  • What do you do best?
  • What skill or perspective do you have that no one else does?
  • What problem do you solve or need do you fulfill?
  • Who is already buying what you sell and why?

Because we know these questions are often hard to answer on your own we’ve developed an e-course, Ink Yourself: Using Story to Make a Bold Impression, that helps you really tap into your strengths and get a detailed picture of who this ideal customer is. Besides asking these questions and more, we’ve filled the course with profiles of businesses that are great examples of each of the 5 lessons so you can see it in action. We’ve also set up a forum for you to get feedback from the other participants and us at each step of the way and there will be a group call halfway through the course to make sure all your questions are being answered.

This 5-week guided e-course covers the same material it would take us 3 – 6 months to cover with one-on-one coaching and at half the cost. Can you afford not to take advantage?

Sign up now to begin defining your unique brand story and target market.

Genevieve Brazelton writes about creative marketing strategies over on the Lightbox SF blog. She also works with creative entrepreneurs to brand their businesses by telling their stories and embracing what makes them unique.