the truth about shenanigans.

I talk about shenanigans a lot. Fun is one of my things, right? When people ask me to describe my brand and how I help people, my bottom line is: I want creative people to have more fun. Every single day. 

Fun that isn't about quitting your job and travelling the world. (Although that would be lovely.)

Fun that isn't about spending $1,000 in a single day on a new wardrobe. (Although that would be lovely.)

Fun that doesn't necessarily include a fancy meal, or a massage, or a Broadway show. (Although all of that would be lovely.)

What I'm talking about are every day shenanigans: wearing the red lipstick to the grocery store just because it makes you feel good. Scheduling a daily 5 minute dance party in your calendar every single day just because it makes you feel good. Saying no to the oh, just one more thing client so you can take your dog to the park just because it makes you feel good. 

Shenanigans aren't just being wasted on tequila and setting your hair on fire. It might be getting Harry Potter from the library. Or watching Downton Abbey again. Or drinking out of your fancy wine glasses. Even if all you're drinking is orange juice! 

The spirit of a shenanigan is to bring more fun and joy into your life, not get you in trouble. Or cost you a lot of money. Or make you wake up with a hangover. More fun and joy. Every single day. 

Can you get on board with this?

I am thrilled to introduce my latest project More Shenanigans, Please - an e-course unlike any other, focused on having more fun (!!) in 2014! It's time to say goodbye to boring New Year's resolutions (do they even work anyway?) and hello to more shenanigans! 

This course is 31 days of pure shenanigans fun. Without all the consumption of the holiday season. 

You can find out more right here, but suffice it to say, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THIS! 

(And yes, I know that I'm a wee bit crazy to do something like this with babies on the way, but I knew the idea was too good to pass up. That's how I roll yo!)

So, give it a click and read what all the fuss is about. Wanna sneak peek? I've also lined up some amazing guest Shenanigan-ators (Shenaningan Instigators, natch) and have teamed up with minted as a sponsor of this program (which means free shenanigan journals to the first 30 registrants! RAD.)

Let's make 2014 the best year ever, eh?