Ep. 209: There is nothing wrong with you. (But let's talk about why you might think there is.)

Raise your Hand Say Yes with Tanya Geisler

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Do you ever find yourself wondering any of these: 

+ Why can't I create (or be as confident) as everyone I see online? 

+ Why can't I just stay off social media? 

+ Why am I so tired? 

+ Why do I have so many doubts?

Guess what? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. And also: there is nothing wrong with you. Promise. 

This week, I'm breaking down some of the most common questions I hear from people about their creative habits and where they think they need to change and am diving into why these questions consistently come up as well as some new ways you can approach them when they do.

There are no formulas for success. There are no absolute right answers. And I promise you this: someone else is asking themselves those very things you're asking yourself right now. 

You're doing great. Keep going. 

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