this moment is your life.

Hello friends,

My dear friend Laura was here for a visit, so things were a bit quiet around here for a few days...

Did I miss anything?

I find that visitors always bring an interesting perspective to our lives. It gives us a chance to see the things around us with fresh eyes, to really look at the things we do and what we put value on in our lives.

What I've realized in the last few months is that there is nothing I'd change about the life I'm living. Right now. This life. This moment.

Can I just say that it feels really interesting to say that? That I feel happy living the life I'm living right now. I feel happy for this moment that I have. For all of the moments that I have that make up my present.

This really is such a good feeling. To know that my life, as it is today, is just so good. And to fully appreciate what I have. To see the way I live from a fresh perspective and be surprised at how many blessings I truly have.

It's a good place to be. But it's a hard place too. I think we've trained ourselves to always be moving forward and looking ahead and getting more and more and more. So much so that we sometimes forget to stop and look at what we actually have, what we've really acheived and just breathe it all in and appreciate it.

It is nice to be back. xo