thought of the day.

Less email, more dancing. from Tiffany Han

If there's anything I want for my world, for your world, for THE world, it is this. Less time spent staring at screens, feeling pressured to do busy work and more time moving our bodies, creating beautiful things, talking and laughing.

More time dancing with abandon, even if you aren't a good dancer, even if you aren't classically trained, even if you feel more like Elaine than Jodi Sawyer.

Step away from the screen. Your body was made to move; let it.

PS. I'm trying to start a #lessemailmoredancing revolution on Instagram. Join me?

PPS. Michelle, Erin, and I are cooking up something amazing for those of you who might be going crazy over wanting to start a business of your very own. It's Business Timeis coming in March. Get on the list here.

**graphics by Erin Cassidy for Tiffany Han Coaching