thoughts on cooking

The bread post I did a few weeks ago got me thinking. I've talked to a lot of people since then who have said things like the following:

  • "Wow, I would never try to make bread from scratch."
  • " actually made it? And it tasted good?"
  • and the best: "You've inspired me to try making bread again."

I LOVE that by cooking something in my clumsy, messy way in my not-huge kitchen, I could possibly inspire someone else to try cooking something from scratch. That's awesome!

(proof of my not-huge kitchen, pre-yellow)

Here's where you guys come in: Is there anything out there that you are really curious to try to make, but something is holding you back? Are there any foods that you really love, or that your loved ones really love, but you think "oh, I could never actually make that"? I need some ideas on what types of things people might need to be inspired into making.

Here are some things on my short list:

  • homemade pizza, crust and all
  • pulled pork
  • Korean food
  • tofu

So let's have it friends! What's on your list?